Memberships, Clubhouse Rentals & Items for Sale

2016 Pricing coming soon!


Membership Dues:

Memberships are available to property owners and persons who have an Immediate Family card.


Other Items:

  • Riding Carts, and Pull Carts can be rented.
  • Buy memberships, logo golf balls, golf bags, tees, towels, and some food and soft drink items can be purchased at the clubhouse or by calling (330) 863-1131.
  • Eleven Play Card: $60.00 (Can be used anytime)


Clubhouse Rental:

$100 ($50 rent + $50 deposit)

  • Deposit refunded if left in good condition. The renter must clean up and empty all trash in dumpster after use.
  • A key is available for use 24 hours before the rental. It is recommended to turn up the heat about 1 hour before using the clubhouse if necessary.